About Us

Our startup is focused on giving the best service available to any client, small or big, who is in need of infrastructure assistance. It is our main goal to provide cloud or physical whoever requires it from us.

We strongly believe cloud solutions is not only a trend it's basically the best solution for the future as it allows to be as flexible and cost efficient as possible and also helps in reducing the ecological footprint as ideally resources will be used on demand, reducing overall misusage and waste of energy and creating better cost workflows for businesses.

We are the result of many years working in Silicon Valley and with biggest worldwide technology players. We have talented engineers with experience of working with major tech companies in both: physical and cloud infrastructures. We also assist you in your current infrastructure to keep it current, healthy and costing only what it needs, not a dime more. The right technology for the right environment.

Our Core Values

Stay Curious


Own it

Earn Trust

Think Big

Open Source


Stay Humble

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