Cloud Automation

We design, architect and write customized automated scripts for your specific needs and environment. By helping you automate the tedious, time consuming and repetitive steps that get in the way of deploying your applications we optimize your operations and costs and let you focus on what really needs your attention in your business.

We also have a set of ready-made recipes that will help you save time in your day to day cloud or datacenter operations. We use the latest automation tools like: Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Saltstack, Cloudformation and Terraform.

Automation will simplify the overall network operations and reduce human errors. It will simplify complex cloud configurations and increase your infrastructure’s agility while having the ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

Automation can help you with the following tasks:

  • Updating software
  • Faster deployments
  • Alerts and compliances
  • Monitoring and recording information

Use Case A: Deployment Automation using Cloudformation

The Problem

A customer wanted to reduce the amount of time it took to deploy their software in the cloud. Traditional proof of concepts were taking a few hours, before they were able to get to the interesting parts of their software that they wanted to highlight to their customers.

The Solution

Since most of the deployments were done in Amazon Web Services, Bonilla.Tech opted to streamline the deployment by utilizing Cloudformation.

The script required very little input from the customer when executing and deployed the software and all the AWS resources necessary to make it fully functional. The process went from taking 1 hour in average deployment time down to only 5 minutes and with very little interaction required by the deployer. All the "mechanics" were handled by a custom scripted solution provided.

The Conclusion

Customer was able to accelerate the rate POC and therefore the number of sales at any one time. Resulting in better sales achievement for their sales teams.