Elastic Application Hosting

From a simple WordPress website to a complex three tier application, we can set it up, migrate and manage it for you.

We fulfill your application requirements utilizing elastic resources that allows the application to adapt to your budget and your growth needs.

Also, this means we can provide great flexibility for your environments. Other providers will only sell what is commercial, but what about if you need an specific Linux Distribution? Or, what if you need a particular older Windows version for your legacy systems?

Additionally, automated backup are part of our offering. Utilizing the advantages of Amazon S3, which provides (1) multi-datacenter and multi-region replication, (2) encryption by default and (3) low costs per GB.

Use Case A: WordPress Website migration to Cloud

The Problem

Our client had a physical server hosting a simply WordPress website that didn't have more than 3,000 visits per month. Not only the server was being severely underused but also it didn't work well because the hosting provider just worked and guaranteed server's uptime, but didn't actually care if WordPress worked well or even if things were properly optimized for WordPress correct functioning.

The server actually had around 60% of disks free, almost 70% of RAM free and its CPU average use was around 1%. It clearly was something unnecesary and of course, costly.

Additionally, support service was lousy, client could open a ticket to have an FTP user created on the server and it could take up to 6 hrs to obtain a solution for it.

The Solution

Bonilla.Tech did a full analysis of the current server usage and discussed with the client about what the website was being used for, what kind of traffic they had and also analyzed the WordPress setup being used (plugins, versions, etc). Also, the client expressed the need to have cPanel license installed which his current provider not only didn't offer but also didn't even supported.

Two Amazon Web Services EC2 instances were set up with the correct and fair amount of resources needed, a cPanel License acquired and setup optimal and securely and a backup plan to S3 that allowed the client to be able to restore his website and its development version up to 7 days in the past, up to 2 weeks back and up to 1 month back and additionally a contract for maintenance and support for up to 2 hrs in a monthly basis through tickets and phone assistance directly with our engineers. On these 2 hours, all cPanel updates, instances' OS updates, domain management and live website monitoring with immediate alerting was being included. Both: development and live environments were separated so they couldn't affect each other and had total independence.

The Conclusion

The client ended not only having a solution that worked better because it was optimized for WordPress usage, also got 2 totally independent and separated application hosting environments they could use properly and actually manage by themselves as cPanel licenses gave them the liberty to manage things that in the past they couldn't as they team of developers were only WordPress developers and not IT persons.

This solution ended costing around 65% of what client was actually paying on their former provider with a lousy and faulty customer service that was not proficient in client's application (WordPress).