Elastic Hosting

Hosting Rethinked

Make your infrastructure elastic with Unlimited bandwidth, space and zero downtime. Fast, Reliable, and Secure. 24/7 Support for applications and databases


Our Offering

  • Customized 24/7 server monitoring
  • Automation & Optimization 
  • Preventative Maintenance and updates 
  • Performance Reports 
  • Advance PHP configurations

Our Focus

Our focus is to create an elastic, automated and optimized virtual private cloud infrastructure that meets your business needs. After, we focus on the “Lift & Shift” of workloads, we ensure your workloads in AWS are production-ready. Throughout the entire process with educate our customers. We want our customers to revere us. 


  • No shared Server
  • Flexible and Scalable  
  • Improved Security and compliance
  • Automatized backups
  •  Zero Downtime 
  • Direct support on applications and PHP
Reward your business
Scalable, reliable, and secure application, database and AI management from

Amazon Web Services

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