IT Network Infrastructure

Your network is the most critical part of your datacenter therefore, it is essential for business to keep it performing at its peak, agile and reliable. A slow or faulty network will translate to downtimes, which will be reflected in direct losses. We can design, architect, deploy and configure networks for your business's critical component areas like routing, switching, firewalls and storage.

Network security is the more critical piece of your infrastructure. Adhoc networks become a security weak point. Alerting and logging analysis provides the information needed to mitigate attacks

Use Case A: Budget Network Growth

The Problem

A customer needed to increase the throughput bandwidth within their core infrastructure routers and switches. They’ve had steady growth in business and their network needed to grow accordingly. This customer in particular had purchased all their initial gear thru the "grey" market which put them at risk of getting heavy fines and lawsuits by different manufacturers.

The Solution

Our goal was to simplify and increase the performance of their network while maintaining comparable pricing to the "grey" market. As their business demand grew exponentially, they were now concerned with getting the proper licensed gear.

Bonilla.Tech was able to not only assist them with the proper infrastructure design, but they also fine-tuned and simplified the BOM (Bill Of Materials) while still maintaining the performance requested. Bonilla.Tech reached out to the network manufacturer on their behalf to get them an NSP (Non-Standard Pricing) that was competitive with the grey market.

The Conclusion

This resulted in a happy customer. They were able to increase the performance of their core infrastructure while at the same time future proofing their network not only in performance but in legitimate services support and warranties as well. They got peace of mind back, and they stayed within their budget.